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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

戀詩四首, Four Love Poems

14 Jul 2014

兩岸凡間泪Mortal tears on both sides of the bank,
一年鵲橋聚Once a year on the Magpie Bridge we meet.
世上風雲止,   And when life's turbulence stopped
霎時又聲雷.   Suddenly once more, a crack of thunder heard.

小舟水上浮    A little boat floating upon the waters,
桃源何處求Oh where can the Peach Source1 be sought?
春色終須盡,   The colors of spring will end one day,
烟花向東流.   The mists and flowers flow eastwards.

1.  ie paradise

18 Jul 2014

蛙鳴曲                   Song of Croaking Frogs

窗外蛙鳴夢中曲    Outside the windows, the croaking of frogs is the melody of my dreams
驚醒春眠夜来宿    Awakened rudely from a spring dream of a wanderer come begging for a night's rest
風吹雨橫只花知    The wind blew and the rains slanted, only the flowers knew
朝明滿地不是菊     As the dawn breaks, fallen on the ground are not chrysanthemum blossoms.

Inspired from someone's line 一夜的蛙鳴 in italki

26 Jul 2014

歲月不絕來,   The phases of the moon keeps on coming,
江水直流東.    Like the river continuously flowing east.
春宵一夜夢,    One spring night's dream,
恐是昨晚風.    I'm afraid is alas but last night's wind.

05 Aug 2014, revision of the original written on 25 May 13

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