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Thursday, August 14, 2014

輪迴轉世 Reincarnation

二百六十七年的清宮一夢, 已有百多年相隔. 往事重重如昨日情, 不過, 去如風. 有多少為江山喪? 有多少血淚灑? 今時又何人為他們泣哭? 時間無情或有情? 看看歲月速速又一過, 萬事都已淡. 史讀不如親眼見, 親身覺… 

生涯短短期間中, 風吹雨橫人生路, 蹊蹺激烈.  雲開月明戲劇, 酸甜苦辣, 盡皆空.

一天在生存, 是係一日福. 何苦太認真? 將来是福非福, 到時烟飛雲散又如何? 宛若有輪迴轉世的話, 那「送征衣」唱得好,

今世共你如魚水. 是前世因緣. 兩情準擬過千年. 轉轉計較難. 教汝獨自眠. 每見庭前雙飛燕. 他家好自然. 夢魂往往到君前. 心專石也穿, 愁甚不團圓.

以「末代皇帝」主題曲為感, 懷古之作. 致敬羅賓·威廉斯死亡。一個人把一個世界笑.

Two hundred sixty seven years of the Ch'ing Palace dream is now a gulf of more than a hundred years apart.  Layer upon layer of past events happened as if they were yesterday's but gone, like a gust of wind.  How many had died for the Empire?  How many had bitterly wept for them?  Time is ruthless or is it being kind? Look how fast the phases of the moon had passed, a myriad things are already indifferent. Learning from history is not the same as seeing and experiencing first hand…  

In the short span of how one had lived, there will be the blowing wind and the slanting rain on one's road of life - odd, colorful and exciting; clouds a parting and the moon comes out bright, shining on life's stage with all the four tastes of bitterness, sweetness, sourness and spiciness.  In the end, just emptiness.

One day of living is a day of thankfulness.  So why take things so seriously? Whether the future is bliss or not, everything will come to an end. Then what? And if there is such a thing as reincarnation, then Sending the Traveler's Clothing sings most appropriately:

This life with you my beloved is like fish and water, inseparable.  This must be the destiny of our previous lives. Two loves, hoping to last more than a thousand years long, too short a time to fuss or bicker.  Tell you what, just go and sleep in solitude.  Each time whenever you see a pair of swallows flying in front of the courtyard, just see how their family is so natural with ease.  I will come to you my love, in your dreams.  If you have the will, stones will be pierced through.  Sad not, for reunion will come.

Inspired by the theme song of the "Last Emperor", the product of reminiscing and nostalgia.  A tribute to Robin William's death.  One man making a world laugh.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

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