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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Love and Romance

This is Romance not Love.  I don't want to be a duck!

These are two different things, I believe.
Unfortunately many equate them to be the same.
Everyone wants their beloved to bring them the moon;
Or to sweep up your feet and partying there.
Have you really thought of the consequences?


To love someone true, is not just by mere words of, "I Love You".
All these are just gestures of romance and nothing to do with love.
Romance is the notion and Love is the real McCoy.

Real love is

Instead of a goodbye kiss in the morning as he goes to work…
But to let you continue slumbering in uninterrupted bliss;
Not to dine in the fanciest restaurant of the town,
But a common cookie that suddenly found its way onto your computer desk!

True Love is when both of you are tired from the party,
It is he whom at the kitchen sink, quietly and cheerfully washing dishes away
So that you can relax and enjoy gossiping with friends.
Perhaps a cooked breakfast in bed for no particular reason or on a special day;
It's just because he wanted to do something nice for you!

Glittering diamonds are wonderful but they
Sparkled cold compared to the beating heart as your ears pressed against his chest.

True love is not by the mere words of "I Love You"
But by the words he texted, "I'll be late for home. At the grocery store.  Need anything there?"

As for the greatest gift of all…

By coming home to you in one safe piece!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

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