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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Why Having Buck Teeth Is Good?

阿媽話哨牙好,   Mama said, "Having buck teeth is good!"
哨牙点解好?      Why it is so?
哨牙可以刨西瓜, Because they gnaw on watermelons well;
飲茶可以隔茶渣, Drink tea and the leaves will strain good;
落雨可以遮下巴, My chin will be dry in the rain;
食嘢可以當刀叉,   A knife or fork as I eat;
扑街可以鏟泥沙, And if I fall, a spade to dig up dirt.
可以擋两下.   A blow or two, I bear in a fight.
所以話,            This is why,
哨牙真係好…       Having buck teeth is good!

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