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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Dreamer's Tales

Dreamer’s Tale

See that little boat,                                         看看那邊小小船
Anchored in the castle moat.                        正在城堡護河泊
Sails spun of dreamers’ tales,                        船帆夢人故織成
That never be shredded by fiercest gales.  永遠不被颱飇撕
Always gleaming on the mast of hope,        桅檣希望不
No more harsh realities to rope.                   再無酷實在拉扯
Leave behind your woes and your cares,    留下懮愁不須顧
See how we will fare…                                   看看此生如何渡
Be my sailor boy!                                            做我一個水手童!
In make-believe we will toil.                         此幻我們一定勞.
Laughing and kissing all the way,                 一路含笑親吻聲,
Forever in warm and sunny days.                永遠風和日麗期
So step into that little boat,                         只須踏入那小船
Waiting for us in the castle moat.               護城河中待我們.

04 Apr 1994

Chinese Translation Wednesday, June 13, 2012

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