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Friday, June 14, 2013

後庭花 - 幽魂張麗華 - Courtyard Flower, The Soul of Chang Li Hua

夏天永在此, 四周蜂蝶花香. 苑中無處不迎人. 微風柳垂, 陽光滿灑身上暖. 何人不歡樂? 苑中一人世界, 時刻在此停流, 不如世外窅然去. 此地非仙界, 只是一魂心緒靜.

見境觸情,一聲一色無限貴, 花雖香, 蝶雖麗, 難補心中缺. 天籟雖悠揚, 但不如知音勝. 獨舞瀛臺上, 迎風兩袖飛. 徘徊當時青絲七尺長, 享盡人間榮華富貴. 臨春, 結綺, 望仙一霎烟水閑. 莫怪他人妬我倩, 只恨此迷魂顏. 我非妲己, 高熲非子牙.  幽魂永不歇.

此地非仙界, 亦非一魂心緒靜. 千秋綿綿悔, 永鎖於此後庭地獄間.

Summers are forever here.  Everywhere there are bees, butterflies and fragrant flowers.  Nary a place in this garden not a welcome sight.  Gentle breeze blows and willows sway.  Gorgeous sunlight embracing me in warmth.  How could not anyone not be in joy? In this garden, a world of only one.  Time stops still here, unlike those of the outside world slipping by.  This place, not a fairyland, just a place of one soul's quietude.

As I look at these sights, each sound, each color ever so precious.  Though the flowers are fragrant; though the butterflies beautiful; they hardly fill my empty heart. The sounds of nature may be haunting, they do not know me well. Alone I dance on the Ocean Terrace; my two long sleeves billowing in the wind.  Dithering here and hesitating there, I remember the yesterdays; my hair of seven feet long.  A luxurious life I did partake.  Where are the pavilions of Approaching Spring, Beauty Forming and  Immortals Peering now?  All disappeared like fleeting whimpering in the vanishing mists.  Blame not the jealousy of others over my peerless beauty.  I hate this soul-snatching face of mine. I am no Daji and you sir, Gao Jion is no Tzu Ya! My eternal lonely soul cannot rest.

This place, not a fairyland, neither a place of one soul's solitude.  A thousand years' regret, eternally locked in this courtyard of Hades.

Inspired by the song Enchantment

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