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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spacing Between Words Is Important

"Everyday" and "every day" or "maybe" and "may be" have slightly different meanings. Other words such as, "heartfelt" is the correct form and "heart felt" is not; so is "cannot" and "can not". These words have no life or death consequence. HOWEVER, some errors in the English language will definitely cause an eyebrow to be raised and may cost your career. Remember Dan Quayle? The former US Vice President who will be remembered in history as the idiot for incorrectly telling a pupil that the word "potato" is spelt with an extra "e"! Such perceptions made him into a buffoon. He will never to amount to any office higher for the rest of his life. He did not become vice president for his good looks or capability. He was just a token office holder so that he would not outshine his boss, the elder President Bush. So for all those aspiring to a high position in the English world, be "wery wery careful" or the English "Wabbit" will haunt you to no end.

Here is a funny example that a Facebook friend sent me. It is because of the perceive lack of spacing between two crucial words that caused a well-intentioned sign to become something of a guffaw/gaffee. Safeway is a major supermarket chain in the US. In the picture below is a sign for a broken automatic checkout machine....

Either the person is a complete idiot in English or he is a master of the language! Whatever the case may be, it fits the situation and earned an immortal position in the annals of the misuse of the English language.


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