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Sunday, March 25, 2012


Cloudy Hermosa Beach, Los Angeles


人算不如天算. 昨日綺夢今朝散. 總想話一早流流就能飛車到海灘, 準備去享受一下温和而無優無慮的清閑. 因此借病為題與公司 請一日假, 打算完成昨日一塲狂想. 誰知一層寒冷的海霧, 竟然把全個南加洲濃罩起來! 蔭天淒淒, 微雨霏霏, 刺骨入心. 奈何奈何.

昨日搖頭擺尾的氣氛就如此一勾雲散. 一場歡喜一塲空. 我的陽光啊! 我的鶼鰈陽光啊! 為何今日偏偏要背棄我? 啀啀聲. 無法子, 唯有死地地上班. 至少可以在辦公室內去偷懶或大作此下文. 當然我的屬下一見到我的出現就愕然起來. 跌落地, 死都要執返一拃沙, 以傲笑相迎, 不須多句, 只用両字, “捉姦!”

Best laid plans always go awry. Yesterday’s dream, today’s tatters! All I wanted was to sped to the beach this morning and prepare myself a day of warmth and relaxation with no care or worry. Hence, I call in sick to let the office know that I will be taking a day off; hoping to realize my yesterday’s grand illusion. Who knew that a cold layer of marine fog would unexpectedly blanket the entire Southern California with tiny drizzles and cloudy cold piercing to my inner core? Alas, alas.

All the ebullience of yesterday was sucked out from me. All for nothing! Oh my sunlight, my beloved sunlight! Why art thou desert me? What can more can I do but in crestfallen mutterings trudging myself back to work. At least, I can skive off in my office or write this afterword essay. Of course, all my underlings were astonished to see my appearance. Even in defeat, I need to smile bravely with four words, “To catch lazy burgers!”


  1. Haru ♪ 3 day(s) ago
    It's going to be a fine day this Sunday! Believe me, I'm a weather forcast. :P 到时再去实现你的狂想吧, Jeff。
    Haru ♪ 3 day(s) ago
    Oops! I mean weather forecaster. :)
    Jeff 2 day(s) ago
    今天是星期一了. 在辦公室內妬忌外面的萬道陽光.真沒錯,雨過天晴
    Melaminefree From China
    Speaks: Chinese (Mandarin)
    Learning: English
    Melaminefree 2 day(s) ago
    fan of Chinese ancient poetry and Chinese culture. a real China hand
    Melaminefree 2 day(s) ago
    i'm afraid as a native speaker, i cannot correct your essay, since it's too deap and profound. 一勾雲散一笔勾销吧……
    phoebe From Hong Kong OOPT
    Speaks: Chinese (Cantonese), Chinese (Mandarin)
    Learning: English, Korean
    41 Notebook entries
    2 Notebook corrections
    phoebe 2 day(s) ago
    捉姦--a Canton word just flashes across my mind: "斷正" ^^
    phoebe 2 day(s) ago
    but in this context, I think "又會咁"邪"?!"(to indicate tough luck)is more appropriate than斷正 as斷正 is usually refer to 捉姦 ^^ [if it's neutral:i think 又會咁啱/又會咁"橋")
    Jeff 1 day(s) ago
    @Melaminefree: Thanks for your compliment. I am sure there are mistakes! I am still learning Cantonese from a formal point of view. Still don't understand all those current slang from Hong Kong. Though I did learn 2 new ones (公主病 and 事業線) from Carlos Dough. He puts us Chinese to shame. Yes, I was playing with the words, 一筆勾消. 我是形容雲霧為一塊布.用個勾來取去. Same for playing with the phrase 鶼鰈情深 for 鶼鰈陽光 :) @Phoebe: Thanks. Now I learn a new term! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Actually, I couldn't think of anything appropriate for the translation from English. If I were to translate it as "catch the adulterors" the mood of the situation is very different. However, in their respective language context, both are perfect situations. 捉姦 can be very hilarious in Cantonese comedies.
    rickcheung_italki 1 day(s) ago
    The correction that other peoples made are not Cantonese, but Mandarin. I use Cantonese to correct your article now =).
    rickcheung_italki 1 day(s) ago
    鰜鰈陽光 is grammatically correct. I just worry that some people may not know what you mean as that word is rarely used in the daily life.
    rickcheung_italki 1 day(s) ago
    In conclusion, your article is a good one as it have no large mistake. Most people that know Cantonese will get what you mean =) I gave a "good" for your article.
    Learning English 1 day(s) ago
    man.Your Chinese is better than me.:)
    Jeff 22 hour(s) ago
    @Rick: Thanks once again for your valuable input and advice. If most Chinese do not know the meaning of 鶼鰈, then it is their problem for being 学文不深. Like in English, one must know the simple words and the difficult ones as well in order to write well and target to different audience. Why use the word "wrath" when a simple word "anger" will do. Which do you think is better? "Grapes of Wrath" or "Angry Grapes" or even "Grapes of Anger"? For your English lesson of the day... One of my favourites... Do you know the difference among these words? "bare", "stark", "bleak", "spartan", "austere" and "baren". @Learning English: 太言重了. I am sure your Chinese is much better than mine. I cannot write in Chinese on the fly like you. I need to switch into my Chinese mode first! It takes time to settle into it. @everybody else: It is always great to receive your comments and feedback. One can learn so much from each other during these sort of discourse :)
    Sunny 16 hour(s) ago
    Hermosa Beach!!惊喜!很高兴再看到Hermosa Beach,谢谢你!Jeff!不管怎么说,你去了一趟,让我感到很开心呀,呵呵:)天气确实不太好,都没有人打排球啦:)
    Jeff 16 hour(s) ago
    @Sunny: I was wondering when you will be coming onboard. :) I usually go to Redondo Beach because parking is better.

  2. Sunny 14 hour(s) ago
    From the last time you went to Long Beach bar, I thought it may took you 2 hour for you to Longbeach ?It seems Jeff always play outside at weekend. I wondering where did you go last weekend. You have said "下文"before. I think the esaay I read yesterday was the "下文". This morning, I thought Jeff didn't say where he went in his "下文",Why? Is there something I missed? last Thursday he was so happy, it implied that he want to go out to enjoy spring....So, I try my best to find you Hermosa...Sorry I am so late for your essay, but I feel really happy when I saw the picture of the beach that I had ever walked. Wonderful memories are lingering in my mind....Thanks!Thanks ever such a lot!
    Jeff 48 minute(s) ago
    Long Beach is only five minutes away. Two weeks ago, I drove 2 hours to San Diego. Big difference. Yes, I don't like to stay home during weekends. It's the time spent with friends etc. Last Thursday was a day of euphoria. Friday was a dismal one because of the weather. Saturday and Sunday was raining! Monday (this last one) was full of sunshine! As I write, it's Thursday again. Exactly one week ago. Today is cloudy :(