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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

A Nocturnal Reflection

烏節路名也. 是新加坡大厦酒店購物中心遊客區. 堂煌極奢. 品質高貴, 服務一流. 當然也是食玉炊桂!

烏節幽幽雨早成, Orchard Road is now quiet with the passing rain,
華燈代月引道徑. Bright lights replaced the moon to lead my way.
多年相隔自有異, Many years had passed since, and of course, there will be changes,
懷中前景朝夜明. In my mind, the former scenery is always clear.

I had purposely used 前 to be ambiguous since it can mean "former", "in front" and word play on 明, "bright" or "clear". So the last line can also be interpreted as "In my heart, the scenery in front of my eyes will always be bright". However, due to context in the previous line, this is not the intended meaning. I could have used 舊 (old) to be clearer but I think it is too direct for my taste.

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