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Monday, May 14, 2012

On Mother’s Day - 母親節日上

蝶舞蜂飛南加天, Bees abuzz, butterflies in dance on this day in Southern California,
花香鳥語伴身傍. Flowers in fragrance and birds twittering by my side.
竹林世外不顧聞, Care not the woes outside of this bamboo forest,
只怪落葉騷夏夢. Frowning only at falling leaves disturbing my summer dream.

每逢星期日的今天, 母親也是酒樓食館的大恩人! 對它們來說, 真真的一個隆重大節日! 食點心, 吃晚飯, 看塲戲. 這天四處人山人海, 做什么也好都要排長龍. 逼車霸位. 人又好, 車又好, 橫衝直撞, 節日氣氛偕盡散, 早已成為火燥煩悶.

母親久已跨鶴西去, 不如此日在家中後院的竹林下, 悠閒地度過他人忙碌的一個下午. 在椅牀上小睡, 醒後喝杯清茶, 改作文章, 聽聽大自然的風吹葉颯之樂.

On this every Sunday for Mother’s Day, it is a boon to all restaurants and eateries. No matter, having dim sum; at a dinner; even watch a movie, or whatever you want to do, there are throngs of crowds everywhere forming long queues. Traffic jams galore and fighting for a parking spot. Whether it is people or cars, everyone and everything is dashing here and darting there. Whatever festive mood there is, is long gone and now a heated and fiery chore.

My mother had been gone for a long time now. Might as well stay home in the midst of my backyard bamboo forest and spend an afternoon in quietude and carefreeness. Let others worry about the stress of this particular day. Take a nap on the chaise lounge. Afterwards, have a cup of tea; compose and correct some essays. In this natural setting, listen to the joy of rustling leaves.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

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