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Monday, February 14, 2011

My Valentine's Day Muttering.

My response to all those Valentine's Day greetings etc.

非是酒香玫瑰紅, Not bouquets of wine nor the color of the red red roses,
糖甜口美有何用. Of what use are sweets and candied mouths?
日夜小節敬如賓, Daily small things we do for each other with greatest respect,
勝於翡翠滿頭金 Are far more superior than wearing the greenest jade or a head decked in gold!

Of what use is the bouquet of wine or the color of red roses,
Or that of candied tongues?
Daily small things in greatest respect we do for each other,
Are far more superior than wearing the greenest jade or a head decked in gold!

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