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Monday, June 21, 2010

Facts of Life

秋風不比春意和 Autumn breeze never warmer than thoughts of spring.
菊香難勝牡丹紅 Fragrant chrysanthemums could hardly edge out the red red peonies.
蜉蝣夏日一嘆去Too soon a summer’s day end, mayflies gone like a sigh.
濃冬大雪賞寒梅 In the harshest winter, lusting after plum blossoms cold.

In the autumnal stage of one’s life, nothing beats the warmth of youth.  All achievements one had achieved are paled in comparison to the vigor of youth.  Time flies too fast when having summer's fun.  And as old age sets in, still yearning for the beauties - cold and ruthless they are; their only interest are your cold hard cash. They bloom best in the coldest conditions.

The four season flowers - peony, lotus, chrysanthemums, plum blossoms for spring, summer, autumn and winter.


  1. 秋涼難勝春色好 Coolness of autumn nary a better looker than the colors of spring
    菊香不比牡丹紅 How can the fragrance of chrysanthemums edge out the red red peonies?
    蜉蝣夏朝暮嗟去 Mayflies of a summer's morn, gone like a sigh by the evening,
    隆冬酷梅影更凍 Plum blossom shadows crueler than winter's cold.
    21 Sep 2018

  2. 秋涼難勝春風夢 Autumn's coolness surpass not even the thought of a springtime breeze,
    菊黄不比牡丹紅 The chrysanthemum's yellows never can edge out the peony's reds.
    夏朝蜉蝣嗟暮去 Mayflies of a summer's morn, gone like a sigh by evening,
    冬雪寒梅影更凍 Shadows of plum blossoms are colder than winter's snow.